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NGS Library Preparation

On-demand and automated library prep for sequencing

BioXp® NGS Library Prep for Plasmid Sequencing

The NGS Library Prep Kit for the BioXp system is a solution that enables automated and efficient library preparation for next-generation sequencing (NGS) applications. Designed specifically for use with the BioXp automated molecular biology workstation, the kit streamlines the process, reducing hands-on time and minimizing potential errors.

Researchers can expect accelerated time to answer, cost savings, and simplified access to NGS, empowering high-throughput discovery workflows with reliable and high-quality NGS libraries.

NGS Library Preparation Specs

Product specifications

Product format: Adapter-ligated NGS libraries for Illumina sequencers
Input: 10-20 ng of purified plasmid DNA
Price: Contact us
Product Availability: Off the shelf
Configuration: 8, 24, 48, or 96 reactions (product available on the BioXp 3250 and BioXp 9600 system)
System: BioXp 3250 and BioXp 9600
Classification: Research use only


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