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Antibody drug discovery

Advance discovery by accelerating screening and optimization

The challenges facing antibody discovery

Targeting complicated membrane-bound proteins such as GPCRs and ion channels is at the forefront of antibody discovery. However, as the targets of biotherapeutics become more complex, an increasing number of candidates must now be screened in order to identify quality antibody leads against these difficult target classes.

In an attempt to achieve this throughput, antibody discovery labs now have to grapple with long wait times from synthetic biology service providers or hands-on, labor-intensive protocols often involving bacterial cultures, DNA extraction processes and quality control to build heavy and light chain constructs and amplify them before they are ready for expression.

The optimal synthetic biology solution should help seamlessly connect high-content sequencing data from B cell discovery platforms to downstream high-throughput antibody screening and characterization workflows ensuring consistent and high throughput is maintained throughout the discovery process.

Remove the cloning bottleneck between sequencing and screening

Remove the cloning bottleneck between sequencing and screening

The BioXp™ 3250 System: Transfection-ready material built overnight

Antibody variable regions, cloned into your expression vectors, amplified to scale

The BioXp system and the BioXp RapidAMP cell-free DNA amplification kit solution enables synthesis, cloning and cell-free amplification of antibody variable regions based on a digital sequence input in a single automated workflow.

Traditional and automated workflow

BioXp™ RapidAMP cell-free DNA amplification kit

BioXp™ RapidAMP™ cell-free DNA amplification kits contain all of the Gibson Assembly® reagents necessary to amplify error-corrected genes cloned into either a made-to-stock or customer vector, to make up to ten micrograms of DNA.

Product specifications

Product format: Branched double-stranded DNA and linear double-stranded DNA fragments
Vector options: Telesis Bio vector or your own
Output size: 300–1,800 bp (insert size)
Price: Contact us
Order throughput: 1 to 24 samples per run
Configuration: 8, 16, and 24 reactions per run
Yield: >9 µg per reaction
System runtime: ~24 hours
Total turnaround time: 3 to 5 business days from order to shipped kit (International shipping will vary)
Classification: Research use only


Digital Antibody Sequence to Transfection-ready Material in a Single Run

In an industry facing shortening timelines and increasingly challenging deliverables, time is a valuable resource.

What if you could synthesize lead candidate variable domains, clone them into your expression vectors, and amplify the resulting plasmids to transfection scale with a single push of a button?

With Telesis Bio’s automated BioXp™ 3250 system and RapidAMP™ technology, antibody discovery programs can realize substantial workflow efficiency gains by leveraging our synthetic biology solutions to bridge the cloning throughput gap that divides lead candidate sequence identification and downstream functional characterization.

Download this brochure to learn about how Telesis Bio’s synthetic biology solutions and automated BioXp workstation accelerate antibody discovery workflows by:

  • Synthesizing up to 24 plasmid clones a day
  • Amplifying plasmids to transfection scale quantities
  • Eliminating tedious bacterial preps and colony picking


White paper

Bridging the Throughput Gap: Process Optimization in Antibody Discovery Workflows

Discover how process optimization utilizing automated synthetic biology solutions can remove the antibody sequence cloning bottleneck that divides high-content lead identification and downstream high throughput characterization.

If your work involves antibody discovery or process improvement in recombinant cloning don’t miss this whitepaper illustrating how Telesis Bio’s synthetic biology solutions can accelerate antibody discovery workflows.

In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • How end-to-end time for lead candidate cloning can be reduced from multiple weeks to a few days with synthetic biology solutions from Telesis Bio.
  • How RapidAMP™ technology replaces tedious manual process steps associated with E. coli cloning, transformation, and culture during plasmid production.
  • How the BioXp 3250 system provides hands-free, automated assembly of DNA sequences, cloning, and amplification in a single overnight run.


White paper

Interested in learning how our BioXp solutions can help accelerate your antibody discovery?

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