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About Telesis Bio

Empowering researchers to accelerate discovery

Powering the future with synthetic biology

Telesis Bio is empowering researchers to accelerate the creation of novel synthetic biology solutions to address some of humanity’s greatest challenges. With our breakthrough automation solutions for biological synthesis and expertise in DNA biology, we enable rapid, accurate, and reproducible writing of DNA and mRNA for wide-ranging biological applications.

Around the world, innovators are leveraging Telesis Bio technology to overcome current bottlenecks in synthetic biology workflows and advance the discovery of cutting-edge solutions for health and technology. We are proud of our growing collaborations with partners that include premier academic research institutions, emerging start-ups to nearly all of the Top 25 Biopharma companies. Telesis Bio is honored to play a part in several pioneering advances of our customers and collaborators ranging from novel infectious disease vaccines, precision immunotherapy for cancer and antibody therapeutics to creation of engineered meat substitutes and sustainable cellular agricultural products.

Backed by a legacy of firsts

Our team of diverse scientists, engineers and thinkers are invested in making synthetic biology broadly accessible to researchers around the world. Telesis Bio’s team of innovators, led by Dr. Dan Gibson, has been instrumental in pioneering several advances in this field – producing over 6,000+ citations and 300+ patents to date. From the industry standard Gibson Assembly method® to innovations like the first synthetic flu vaccine and the world’s only synthetic biology workstation – the BioXp® 3250, our firsts are designed to accelerate your breakthroughs.



Telesis Bio is committed to best practices in biosecurity and is a member of the International Gene Synthesis Consortium. We support researchers and the synthetic biology community with the responsible synthesis of genes for discovering and creating new medicines, diagnostic tests, agricultural biotechnology products, industrial chemicals, and other beneficial applications.