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Cell and Gene Therapy

Focus on the power of mRNA. Stop cloning. Accelerate your research.

Cell and gene therapies represent a promising frontier in cancer treatments by providing innovative strategies to target tumors with unmatched precision while enhancing targeted immune response. These treatments rely heavily on the ability to quickly identify and incorporate patient-specific neo-antigens. By incorporating the BioXp or Gibson SOLA into your discovery workflow, effectively address the need to rapidly synthesize and screen various TCRs and modified CAR T-cells to drive development of these therapies which can further advance cancer treatment and improve patient care.

Screen TCRs in your workflow

Get your TCRs fast. BioXp fast.

Screen Your TCRs 3X Faster using BioXp®-synthesized mRNA

No cloning. No transduction.

  • TCR screening reimagined: Get transfection-ready TCR constructs built from sequence in 8 days.
  • Expedited screens: Use mRNA to identify lead candidates in 25% of the time of traditional viral workflows.
  • Streamlined processing: Build 16 TCR constructs per run with enough yield to assay for avidity and expression.
Get your TCRs fast

mRNA-encoded TCR screening

mRNA encoded TCR screening
  • Ideal fit: The nature of TCRs make them an ideal fit for fully automated, cell-free mRNA and DNA synthesis.
  • Identify candidates fast: Complete avidity screens and functional expression screens with 5㎍ scale mRNA production and only 2 hours of hands-on time.
  • Agile: Use the provided DNA intermediates to quickly transfer the TCR sequence into a stable expression system.
Stephen Schoenberger, Ph.D

"Thanks to the BioXp® system, the time required to go from understanding and ordering a digital sequence to functional testing of a given TCR has gone from over three weeks to under three days — I am amazed and grateful."

Stephen Schoenberger, Ph.D
La Jolla Institute of Immunology

Screen CARs faster using mRNA

Need longer constructs for CARs?

  • Fast: Get transfection-ready CAR constructs from sequence in less that 10 days.
  • Simple: Express CARS without cloning, transformation, or transduction.
  • Flexible: Build between 8 and 32 CAR constructs (sizes up to 7.2 kb enabled).*

*throughput varies per size

Screen CARs 3X Faster using mRNA

mRNA-encoded CAR screening

mRNA encoded CAR screening
  • Cell-free biology: Build CAR coding sequences without the need to use living cells.
  • Speed, scale, and precision: Synthesize over 50㎍ of transfection-ready mRNA in 6 hours with a defined PolyA tail sequence.
  • Agile: Use included DNA intermediates to enable your next steps, including transferring the CAR sequence into a stable expression system or further scale-up of mRNA production.
JoAnn Hux

Accelerating CAR-T Discovery

"We are using the BioXp® weekly to synthesize gene fragments for new CAR expression cassettes. Having the automated instrument in our workflow allows us to quickly generate multiple designs, and rapidly characterize them."

JoAnn Hux
Senior Research Associate
Precision Biosciences

Still need transduction constructs?

The BioXp platform provides a suite of solutions

  • Optimize your receptor candidates: Build variant libraries with expanded complexity requirements in 5-7 business days.
  • Integrate into your workflow: Synthesize gene fragments or clones to meet your workflow needs, whether you need viral particle prep or transient transfection. Our kits can help you build your biology.
  • Build and verify: Build constructs and confirm their accuracy with the NGS library prep kit for plasmid sequencing all on a single system.
DNA-based workflows

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Our solutions combine the BioXp system and application-specific BioXp kits to provide a variety of workflow solutions designed to meet the needs of the customer. The BioXp system is a hands-free, automated platform, that enables reduced turnaround time from weeks to days, increased throughput and scale, enhanced quality, complete workflow control and both synthetic DNA and mRNA formats.

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BioXp workflow

Submit sequence through secure myBioXperience portal

Submit sequence through secure myBioXperience® portal

Receive and load BioXp kits on the BioXp system

Receive and load BioXp kits on the BioXp system

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