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BioXp® 3250 System

The fully automated benchtop synthetic biology workstation for discovery biology

A new paradigm in synthetic biology workflows

The BioXp 3250 was designed to enable and inspire researchers to advance discovery by eliminating bottlenecks in traditional synthetic biology solutions. The award winning BioXp 3250 is the world’s first commercially available benchtop synthetic biology workstation that can synthesize genes, assemble and amplify clones as well as build DNA variant libraries and synthetic mRNA in a single overnight run.

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Hands-free, automated synthetic biology at your fingertips

The BioXp system has empowered researchers worldwide to improve productivity, reduce turnaround time, and have complete workflow control. The solution enables synthesis of DNA, mRNA and variant libraries from digital sequence in just days and requires no prior knowledge or expertise to operate.

Researchers can securely submit sequences through the myBioXperience® portal without risking any transfer of proprietary vector information and build sequences in their own lab using push-button automation on their own schedule.

Fully automated platform consolidates synthetic biology workflows

From building gene fragments and generating clones, to library construction and synthesis of transfection-ready mRNA, BioXp kits come with everything you need to synthesize your sequence designs. The BioXp kits leverage proprietary Gibson Assembly® technology and our 2-step error correction process to ensure high-fidelity automated builds.

mRNA scaffold

Custom synthetic mRNA

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DNA cloning

Custom DNA fragments, up to 7,000 bp, cloned into any vector

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Build libraries

Custom variant DNA libraries

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DNA amplification

Cell-free DNA amplification

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Build genes

Custom high-fidelity gene fragments

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NGS Library Prep

Automated NGS library prep for Illumina sequencers

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Number of fragments per run Up to 32
Number of clones per run Up to 32
Number of libraries per run Up to 32
Number of synthetic mRNAs per run Up to 16
Assembly runtime 6-21 hours, variable based on application
Fragment length 400 bp – 7000 bp