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Vaccine discovery and development

Accelerate vaccine discovery. On-site RNA synthesis. Your way.

Accelerated vaccine development is pivotal in combating infectious diseases and certain cancers. The ability to adapt and develop targeted vaccines is paramount. Leveraging the BioXp platform and Gibson SOLA, we empower on-site RNA synthesis, expediting the discovery process and ensuring swift, precise responses to global health crises and advancing cancer research endeavors.

Build & screen your vaccine candidates

Screen your mRNA vaccine candidates with unprecedented speed

Screen linear mRNA vaccine candidates without cloning

  • Transfection-scale mRNA: Build from digital sequence in 7 days on your BioXp.
  • Build and iterate with ease: Easily vary UTRs, coding sequences, and regulatory components.
  • Multiple experiments. Single run.: Synthesize enough mRNA (minimum 5 ㎍) to enable small-scale expression & immune response studies from a single run.
Screen your mRNA vaccine candidates with unprecedented speed

From precision synthesis to streamlined discovery

From precision synthesis to streamlined discovery
  • Precision and speed: Tailored for cancer vaccine targets, our technology enables fully-automated, cell-free DNA and mRNA synthesis.
  • Streamlined discovery: Achieve initial expression and immune response and drive to candidate selection fast.
  • Enhanced flexibility: Easily transition your leading vaccine candidates to alternative IVT systems or delivery methods with our DNA intermediates.

Tune expression elements with the BioXp Select mRNA Synthesis Kit

Tune expression elements with the Select Kit
  • Tune PolyA tail length and UTRs: Leverage PCR methods to test iterations of the same gene with different regulatory elements.
  • More than enough mRNA to optimize: Test multiple expression/immune response modalities with >50㎍ of purified mRNA output.
  • Remove variability with optimization in a closed system: The BioXp provides a clean space for repeatable mRNA production & bead-based purification.
Boris Resnick, Ph.D

"The goal of our research is to develop novel mRNA therapeutics to rare genetic diseases. We are committed to doing so quickly and effectively; however, we are restrained by the large amount of time it takes from design to assessment of the new therapeutic."

Boris Resnick, Ph.D
Scientist, mRNA Therapy Research, Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals

Doing large scale IVT preps?

Our cutting-edge RCA technology enables the scalable production of your IVT templates.

  • Streamlined plasmid preparation: Bypass traditional methods by using RCA for efficient template generation.
  • Consistent and reliable amplification: Overcome copy number and toxicity challenges with sequence-agnostic RCA.
  • Ready for scaling: Process RCA concatemers into linear templates for large-scale IVT applications.
large scale IVT preps

In vitro plasmid amplification

In vitro plasmid amplification
  • Say goodbye to E.coli: RCA reaction is powered by a combination of of enzymes and reagents, giving high-fidelity and selective amplification of circular DNA.
  • Sequence-agnostic: Sequence characteristics, such as copy number or toxicity, will not bias representation in the amplified product.
  • Ready for scaling: Easily convert µg-quantities of RCA concatemers into linear templates, perfect for large-scale IVT applications.

Embrace diverse RNA modalities with the BioXp

  • Accelerate discovery: With BioXp cloning kits, automate and control the cloning of vaccine candidates directly in your lab, reducing wait times and accelerating your research.
  • Maximize initial testing: Proceed directly to your desired experiments by receiving more linear DNA for tests as compared to other providers.
  • Secure innovation: Maintain vectors in-house with BioXp, eliminating IP risks and vector onboarding fees, while safeguarding your proprietary research.
DNA-based workflows
Dr. David Brown, Ph.D

Rapid Candidate Screening

"In our current work identifying mRNA vaccine candidates for infectious diseases, we are always looking for ways to enhance our efficiency. One of the bottlenecks we identified has been the challenge in building or obtaining synthetic constructs for rapid candidate screening. By using BioXp® automated system, we were able to achieve greater speed and throughput in our screening process."

David Brown, Ph.D
Associate Director
RNAimmune Inc.

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BioXp workflow

Submit sequence through secure myBioXperience portal

Submit sequence through secure myBioXperience® portal

Receive and load BioXp kits on the BioXp system

Receive and load BioXp kits on the BioXp system

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