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Antibody drug discovery

Antibody drug discovery

Cell & Gene Therapy

Cell & gene therapy

Vaccine development

Vaccine development

Synthetic mRNA and DNA on demand

We address the continuum of research by enabling cell-free production of high-quality synthetic DNA and mRNA for discovery across a wide range of applications. Our solutions address synthesis needs across discovery and pre-clinical development, by providing an unmatched capability to generate high-quality DNA, regardless of size and complexity, and mRNA synthesized within 24 hours. The BioXp® platform and workflow solutions are designed to empower and accelerate discovery research in vaccines, therapeutics, precision medicine and beyond.

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Save time

Sequence to purified DNA/mRNA in days

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Improve productivity

Eliminate hands-on workflow steps

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Fully automated mRNA synthesis in your own lab

mRNA and DNA workflow solutions

Our solutions combine the BioXp system and application-specific BioXp kits to provide a variety of workflow solutions designed to meet the needs of the customer. The BioXp system is a hands-free, automated platform, that enables reduced turnaround time from weeks to days, increased throughput and scale, enhanced quality, complete workflow control and both synthetic DNA and mRNA formats.

mRNA scaffold

Custom synthetic mRNA

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DNA cloning

Custom DNA fragments, up to 7,000 bp, cloned into any vector

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Build libraries

Custom variant DNA libraries

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DNA amplification

Cell-free DNA amplification

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Build genes

Custom high-fidelity gene fragments

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NGS Library Prep

Automated NGS library prep for Illumina sequencers

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