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Antibody drug discovery

Make antibody encoded mRNA. On your schedule. In your lab.

Antibody-based therapeutics play a crucial role in combating diverse diseases like cancer, autoimmune, and inflammatory conditions. As their potential expands, rapid iteration and evaluation of new candidates are essential for enhancing specificity, potency, and versatility. Take charge of your antibody drug discovery workflows and overcome bottlenecks with Gibson SOLA or the BioXp platform. Whether accelerating mAb candidate screening via transient expression with mRNA or optimizing current candidates using complex variant libraries, our solutions meet your discovery needs.

Get to your antibody 70% faster

Screen new mAb candidates with mRNA, no cloning, and no transformation

  • Transfection-ready mAb constructs: Build from digital sequence in 7-10 days.
  • Express mAbs without cloning, transformation, or sequencing: Use mRNA to expedite your screens and save the traditional workflows for lead candidate optimization.
  • Free yourself from service provider delays and hidden charges: Optimize your efficiency by having better control over your screening workflow.
  • One-stop shop: Discovery grade mRNA and DNA for your development stage
Screen new mAb candidates up to 70% faster with mRNA cloning-free

NOTE: Turnaround times based on domestic shipping in the U.S. of 5-7 business days. International shipments may vary.

mRNA-encoded mAbs

mRNA encoded mAbs
  • Perfect match: mAbs' heavy and light chains (<1.8 kb) are perfectly suited for automated, cell-free DNA and mRNA synthesis.
  • Efficient candidate discovery: Achieve initial expression and binding screens rapidly with 5 ㎍ scale mRNA production and just 2 hours of hands-on time.
  • Enhanced flexibility: Quickly scale up mAb sequences to plasmid-based systems for transient transfection using the provided DNA intermediates.

DNA Solutions

Build high complexity variant libraries in 7 business days

Build high complexity variant libraries in 7 business days
  • Build complex DNA easily: Our unique technology lets you create advanced variant libraries.
  • Enhance antibody engineering: Optimize affinity and stability with our DNA libraries, using up to 36 non-contiguous or 12 contiguous bases, including diverse IUPAC codes beyond A, G, C, T, N, or K.
  • Accelerated turnaround time: Experience unmatched speed from design to delivery, significantly reducing project timelines.
Russel Komor, Ph.D

"The BioXp System really speeds up the engineering process and made it possible to test more designs in a shorter amount of time. Engineers usually have to compromise their design, but with Telesis Bio, we can submit any kind of design and get our DNA within a week."

Russel Komor, Ph.D
Director of Biochemistry and Protein Engineering, Cellibre

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Screen new mAb candidates up to 65% faster using cell-free DNA amplification

  • Efficient workflow: From digital to transfection-scale linearized plasmid in under 2 weeks.
  • One-run DNA collection: Automatically generate dsDNA fragments, clones, and amplified DNA for transfection in one run.
  • Streamlined screening: Screen candidates with amplified DNA, then sequence and scale up successful hits from cloned material.
  • Built-in redundancy: Generate your DNA template and your clone in addition to your amplified DNA.
Screen new mAb candidates up to 65% faster using cell-free DNA amplification
Michael Zwick, Ph.D

"We tested a total of 8 different constructs, some with transmembrane domains, and in our hands, 100% of the constructs showed protein expression as determined by ELISA, Western and/or flow cytometry."

Michael Zwick, Ph.D
Associate Professor, Department of Immunology and Microbiology, Scripps Research Institute

BioXp DNA amplification vs E.coli prep

BioXp DNA amplification vs E.coli prep
  • Automation: The BioXp enables full automation to streamline the amplification process and eliminate the need for traditional E.coli expansion.
  • DNA fidelity: Reduced mutation risk on the BioXp ensures superior fidelity compared to highly variable and toxicity-prone E.coli.
  • Scalability: The BioXp enables linear scalability with ease eliminating the challenges associated with scaling traditional E.coli workflows.

Still need DNA-based workflows?

The BioXp offers a full suite of options

  • Streamlined automation: Improve lab efficiency and throughput by automating the synthesis of variant libraries and clones on the BioXp.
  • Precision and speed: Overnight synthesis of high-fidelity DNA constructs enables rapid transition from design to functional analysis.
  • Scalable flexibility: Seamlessly adapt to project demands with linear scalability across diverse applications, from libraries and clones to DNA amplification.
DNA-based workflows

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Our solutions combine the BioXp system and application-specific BioXp kits to provide a variety of workflow solutions designed to meet the needs of the customer. The BioXp system is a hands-free, automated platform, that enables reduced turnaround time from weeks to days, increased throughput and scale, enhanced quality, complete workflow control and both synthetic DNA and mRNA formats.

mRNA scaffold

Custom synthetic mRNA

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DNA cloning

Custom DNA fragments, up to 7,000 bp, cloned into any vector

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Build libraries

Custom variant DNA libraries

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DNA amplification

Cell-free DNA amplification

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Build genes

Custom high-fidelity gene fragments

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NGS Library Prep

Automated NGS library prep for Illumina sequencers

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BioXp workflow

Submit sequence through secure myBioXperience portal

Submit sequence through secure myBioXperience® portal

Receive and load BioXp kits on the BioXp system

Receive and load BioXp kits on the BioXp system

Press start

Press start

Mark Tornetta, MS

Speed and less bench work

"The biggest benefits of the BioXp system are speed and less bench work. Outsourced service providers take at least a month to generate 95% of your clones compared to what we’re doing on the instrument overnight. Our TavoSelect technology surpasses the efficiency of other biologic generation platforms because of the BioXp"

Mark Tornetta, MS
VP of TavoSelect
Tavotek Biotherapeutics