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Enzyme Engineering. Reimagined

When Cellibre - a company revolutionizing agriculture manufacturing – came to Telesis Bio asking how to shorten their complex Design-Build-Test process, we listened.

WATCH VIDEO: Cellibre’s protein engineering lead describes how Telesis Bio’s technology and expertise empowered their team to rethink their enzyme engineering process

"With the ability to make any design I want; it allows me the freedom to explore these complex designs. Telesis Bio solutions have really improved our throughput, both in the time to make the libraries and to speed the engineering cycles."

Russell Komor
Director, protein engineering and biochemistry at Cellibre

Using Rapid Design-Build-Test Cycles to Transform Legacy Supply Chains via Biomanufacturing

  • Unique de novo modular library design enabled rapid generation of high-diversity and low diversity libraries
  • Targeted libraries identified every sequence, what worked and what didn’t to accurately refine AI-based algorithm
  • High sequence fidelity enabled elimination of tedious verification steps
  • Continued iteration helped Identify enzymes with 10,000X higher activity than the original enzyme.

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WATCH VIDEO: Cellibre CEO Ben Chiarelli discusses how the partnership with Telesis Bio is enabling them to accelerate enzyme discovery and advance their mission of unlocking natural products across a variety of industries

High-fidelity library synthesis with the BioXp® 3250 platform

  • Bypass conventional bacterial techniques that are expensive and time consuming
  • Build up to 32 high-fidelity custom constructs in a single overnight run
  • Test many iterations of library designs in a short amount of time

Case study

How Telesis Bio helped Cellibre optimize their enzyme engineering process

In this case study, you’ll find out:

  • How Cellibre used Telesis Bio’s rapid DNA synthesis platform to accelerate iteration for enzyme engineering
  • How Telesis Bio solutions produced a series of targeted libraries to shorten the design, build, test process
  • The automated BioXp system behind the multiple rounds of engineering

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