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The BioXp® System: Accelerating Hit-to-Lead Discovery by Breaking Through Critical Synthesis Bottlenecks

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What if it were possible to build, clone, and amplify candidate sequence constructs hands-free overnight?

Join us to learn how Telesis Bio’s automated BioXp synthetic biology solutions are designed to help you break free from traditional lead synthesis bottlenecks and significantly accelerate your antibody discovery pipeline.

Our automated benchtop BioXp system is designed to help scientists streamline biologics workflows by empowering:

  • Accelerated discovery: On-demand overnight synthesis of a variety of DNA constructs utilized across antibody development workflows
  • Improved productivity: Focus on strategic science by eliminating hands-on molecular biology benchwork with push-button automation
  • Consolidated workflows: Build on your schedule while maintaining chain of custody of critical proprietary reagents


Jason Lehmann, PhD

Jason Lehmann, PhD

Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Telesis Bio

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