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The next industrial revolution will be biological. By turning cells into factories, synthetic biology will change how we make everything from plastic, to food, to medicine. The industry is already tackling more effective cancer treatments, growing more sustainable food, and turning waste into products.

The key to future breakthroughs in turning cells into factories lies in the identification of important steps in metabolic pathways for their precise refactoring and the ability to engineer novel strains and enzymes quickly and efficiently.

Watch our on-demand webinar where Dr. Elisa Marques from Telesis Bio presents examples of how you can bypass the manual and time-intensive tasks in your bioengineering projects.

Topics to be covered

  • How to design complex sequences for your bioengineering project
  • How to accelerate protein, enzyme, or metabolic pathway engineering
  • How to scale your screening efforts without hiring more people


Elisa Marques, PhD, MBA

Elisa Marques, PhD, MBA
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Telesis Bio

Dr. Elisa Marques was part of the worldwide team that decoded the cattle genome, paving the way for the application of gene editing technologies in the livestock industry.

Among some of the other highlights in her career include successfully commercializing the results of her PhD work into genetic improvement tools being used today by animal health and genotyping service companies around the world.

In her current role, she is blending her passion for science and technology by translating the use of synthetic biology into widespread commercial application.


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