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With the ability to serve as a template for any protein or peptide and its’ innate immunostimulatory activity, mRNA lends itself to a broad range of therapeutic applications, including cancer immunotherapy. The broad versatility of mRNA allows one to modify targeting, expression and immunological effects, simply by modifying the building blocks, the structural elements or the formulation.

However, to maximize its therapeutic potential, there is a need to overcome current challenges in mRNA-based discovery. A key bottleneck in discovery workflows is acquiring synthetic mRNA for screening, validation, and optimization of candidates.

Join us for this talk to learn:

  • How to overcome traditional synthetic mRNA bottlenecks and build hundreds of candidates a week for screening and optimization
  • How automated mRNA synthesis can accelerate T cell manipulation, enabling rapid candidate screening through transient modulation of cellular phenotypes
  • How automating synthetic biology can advance speed, efficiency and scope of adoptive T-cell therapy and vaccine discovery workflows


Jyotsna Venugopal

Jyotsna Venugopal
Director of Product Marketing
Telesis Bio

Jyotsna Venugopal is Director of Product Marketing at Telesis Bio. Prior to Telesis Bio, Jyotsna led global market development for molecular biology tools at Thermo Fisher Scientific as well as served as a consultant for strategy and branding for several diagnostics, life science and medical device companies. Jyotsna completed her Ph.D in Developmental and Stem Cell Biology at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and postdoctoral work at Eli Lilly and Company.


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