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Antibody On-Demand Webinar

Overcoming Process Bottlenecks in Antibody Discovery through End-to-end Automated Synthetic Biology Solutions


Jason Lehmann, PhD, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Telesis Bio

Jason Lehmann, PhD,
Senior Product Marketing Manager at Telesis Bio

What you will learn:

One of the top challenges in antibody discovery is the need to identify high quality candidate leads directed against increasingly difficult target classes.

Critical technological and automation advancements in single B cell sequencing and high-throughput screening and characterization platforms can now link antibody variable region sequences to corresponding functional profiles of lead candidates routinely and at scale.

However, between sequencing and screening lies an unaddressed process bottleneck in antibody discovery: Synthesis and expression cloning of large numbers of candidate sequences.

What if it were possible to build and clone candidate gene sequences constructs hands-free overnight?

Join us for this webinar to learn how through the power of Gibson Assembly® and the BioXp® automated synthetic biology workstation, Telesis Bio delivers push-button, automated building of synthetic DNA in a single run.

The BioXp system streamlines discovery workflows by enabling:

  • Improved productivity: Eliminate hands-on molecular biology benchwork
  • Consolidated workflows: Centralize production of critical construct designs while maintaining chain of custody of proprietary reagents
  • Time savings: On-demand overnight synthesis instead of long turnaround times from services partner


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