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Clinical applications

Clinical development, accelerated

Synthetic biology, once limited to niche uses in specialized academic laboratories, has emerged as a robust discipline offering significant advantages to clinical researchers working to develop new vaccines, monitor patients’ immune systems for precision medicine, and enable new possibilities in stem cell therapy.

One of the biggest leaps forward in the clinical use of synthetic biology has come from the availability of an automated, rapid DNA synthesis technology that allows for on-site production of gene fragments or libraries. Conventional DNA synthesis relied on service providers and often took weeks to deliver materials — an impossibly long time-frame for clinical needs. Now, the push-button BioXp® system from Telesis Bio has made it possible to bring this function in house, slashing turnaround time and opening the doors to time-sensitive clinical uses.

Neoantigen synthesis

Neoantigens allow tumors to activate the immune system and induce an efficient anti-tumor response. Identification of these neoantigens for any individual patient is increasingly important for the delivery of personalized oncology medicine. Automated DNA synthesis with the BioXp® system allows for rapid neoantigen synthesis and testing. Our RapidAMP™ cloning and amplification process avoids the use of E. coli to eliminate endotoxin contamination and unwanted immunogenicity.

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Vaccine development

Synthetic biology is making a huge difference in the rapid creation of new vaccines for infectious diseases. Automated de novo gene synthesis allows for increased specificity of antigen proteins, more efficient vaccine adjuvants, and safer specialized vectors. Learn how the BioXp® system has accelerated vaccine development and improved the efficiency and safety of recombinant genes, adjuvants, and vectors.

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Immune monitoring

Patients receiving cancer immunotherapy must have their immune systems continually monitored during the course of treatment. In order for clinicians to respond quickly to new changes, immune assays must be fast and efficient. See how the high-throughput gene synthesis technology from Telesis Bio enables rapid screening and design of novel chimeric antigen receptors, engineered TCRs, and artificial transcription factors.

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Regenerative medicine

Induced pluripotent stem cells have been a major advance in the development of regenerative medicine for disease areas such as cancer, neurodegeneration, and cardiovascular disease. Learn more about how the BioXp® system can be used to shorten turnaround time and rapidly iterate in the optimization and formulation of novel iPSC culture mediums using codon-optimized recombinant proteins.

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