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Research applications

DNA synthesis on demand, in your lab

The rise of synthetic biology has transformed what’s possible in biological research. From taking much of the guesswork out of drug discovery to optimizing protein or metabolic engineering for desired traits, synthetic biology has quickly become an essential capability for a number of research applications.

Perhaps the most important innovation has come from reliable, rapid, automated DNA synthesis technology that allows scientists to build their own gene fragments or libraries, right in their own labs. Unlike outsourced synthesis that could take weeks to return constructs, the push-button BioXp® system from Telesis Bio has brought this function directly to the lab bench — giving scientists more control and shorter turnaround times.

Antibody drug discovery

Antibody-based therapies are invaluable for their robust recognition and downstream regulation of human immunologic processes. Identifying candidates means achieving the highest specificity and safest drug delivery possible. Synthetic biology can remove much of the guesswork. Learn more about how the BioXp® system can be used to build mutant libraries or increase specificity of antigen-binding sequences.

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Genome editing

CRISPR-powered genome editing has enabled significant improvements in the ability to fine-tune genomes, link sequence to function, and more. With Telesis Bio technology, scientists can perform rapid, high-throughput gene synthesis and cloning of gRNA expression cassettes, regardless of vector size and complexity. The BioXp® system also allows for combined cloning and vector amplification in mini-circle plasmids without E. coli-based genes, for more efficient transfection.

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Metabolic engineering

Metabolic engineering involves the reconstructing and optimizing of biosynthetic pathways in model organisms, creating robust “cellular factories” designed to carry out a specific task. Pathway modifications typically rely on recombinant or novel genes or gene circuits. See how the BioXp® system boosts the speed and accuracy of metabolic engineering for even the most complex genetic circuitry.

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