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Telesis Bio at ASHG 2023 

Visit us at booth #1811

Stop by to learn about our innovative automation solutions that enable push button synthetic biology and streamline multiomic application workflows throughout biologics discovery.

At Telesis Bio, we are committed to empowering researchers to overcome workflow bottlenecks and accelerate discoveries ranging from vaccines, antibody therapeutics, cell and gene therapy, precision medicine to protein and enzyme engineering for sustainable production. Our presentation at ASHG 2023 will showcase how our technologies can give researchers greater control over their workflow and innovations to shorten the path to discovery.

What you can expect to learn by visiting our booth:

  • How De novo synthesis of DNA and mRNA and molecular cloning to multi-omic applications can be consolidated and simplified with BioXp automation solutions.
  • How one-step and two-step mRNA solutions for vaccine discovery can streamline the vaccine and therapeutic drug discovery process, by allowing researchers to build transfection-ready mRNA in a single, overnight run.
  • How automation solutions can streamline the process of generating novel genomes for the study of infectious diseases, including the ability to confirm correct genome constructs through the BioXp.

Visit our booth to learn more about how we're transforming genomics, breaking through workflow bottlenecks, and leading the way in automated molecular biology for rapid discoveries.

Stop by Booth #1811 to learn more about our DNA/mRNA solutions.

Dan Gibson

Enabling on-demand synthesis of genome engineering tools at the push of a button

Friday, November 3rd
CoLab Theater Assignment: 2

Dan Gibson, PhD
Co-founder and CTO, Telesis Bio

Synthetic and molecular biology techniques are crucial to accelerating impact in discovery and therapeutic applications. At Telesis Bio, our automated molecular biology workflow solutions are designed to eliminate current bottlenecks and accelerate the engineering of genes, genomes, genetic pathways, and cell lines. The BioXp platform – a total molecular biology workstation—enables flexibility in adopting automation for workflows from de novo synthetic biology and into multi-omic applications.

Beyond the BioXp platform, our SOLA enzymatic DNA synthesis technology is driving on-demand Digital-to-Biological Converter (DBC) applications for constructing synthetic DNA, RNA, and protein starting from digitally transmitted DNA sequence. In our presentation, we will give an overview of these technologies and how they can help overcome current synthesis bottlenecks and streamline molecular biology workflows throughout biologics discovery.

Our BioXp de novo and Select synthesis kits provide scientists with the flexibility to generate DNA and mRNA beginning with either digital sequence or existing linear or plasmid DNA, further expanding the utility, speed, and impact of the platform in discovery. We also discuss consolidated workflow solutions from sequence to NGS sample preparation for various workflows to optimize discovery.