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Building Biology Overnight: Eliminating Synthesis Bottlenecks with hands-free automated synthetic biology solutions

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If your discovery program is limited by the speed of your capabilities in synthesis and cloning of lead candidates, you’re not alone.

Learn how Telesis Bio’ hands-free automated BioXp® synthetic biology solutions:

  • Address workflow bottlenecks to accelerate lead discovery
  • Enable hands-free overnight synthesis of lead candidates
  • Are developing a new generation of enzymatic DNA synthesis known as SOLA (short oligonucleotide ligation assembly) to deliver robust and reproducible oligo synthesis on demand
Dan Gibson, PhD.

Dan Gibson, PhD.
Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder
Telesis Bio

Dr. Gibson has served as Chief Technology Officer of Telesis Bio since 2018. Previously, Dr. Gibson served in various roles at Synthetic Genomics, Inc., including Principal Scientist and Vice President of DNA Technology. Since 2004, Dr. Gibson has also served as a professor at the J. Craig Venter Institute.

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