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Digital Antibody Sequence to Transfection-ready Material in a Single Run

White paper

In an industry facing shortening timelines and increasingly challenging deliverables, time is a valuable resource.

What if you could synthesize lead candidate variable domains, clone them into your expression vectors, and amplify the resulting plasmids to transfection scale with a single push of a button?

With Telesis Bio’s automated BioXp® 3250 system and RapidAMP™ technology, antibody discovery programs can realize substantial workflow efficiency gains by leveraging our synthetic biology solutions to bridge the cloning throughput gap that divides lead candidate sequence identification and downstream functional characterization.

Download this brochure to learn about how Telesis Bio’s synthetic biology solutions and automated BioXp workstation accelerate antibody discovery workflows by:

  • Synthesizing up to 24 plasmid clones a day
  • Amplifying plasmids to transfection scale quantities
  • Eliminating tedious bacterial preps and colony picking

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