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Sequence in, mRNA out. A new paradigm to accelerate discovery of mRNA Vaccines and therapeutics

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Long lead times for mRNA synthesis can create a bottleneck to advancing discovery and maximizing the potential of mRNA-based vaccines and therapeutics. In this presentation, Dr. Kannan highlights the challenges of current mRNA synthesis workflows and describes how the BioXp® mRNA automation solution can help researchers overcome these inefficiencies and expedite the vaccine and therapeutic drug discovery process.

In this webinar Dr. Kannan describes:

  • How you can avoid long lead times for synthetic mRNA, drive better optimization of your skilled resources and accelerate the iterative lead discovery process.
  • How this novel synthetic biology solution can help you build transfection-ready mRNA from digital sequence.
  • What you can achieve in mRNA size, yield, throughput as well as capping technology through this paradigm shift synthesis solution.

View this webinar to learn how you can accelerate the discovery process through automated mRNA synthesis.

Digital mRNA Webinar

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