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From digital sequence
to functional characterization

Recorded presentation

From digital sequence to functional characterization

In an industry facing increasingly challenging deliverables, the ability to rapidly build synthetic DNA, mRNA, and protein is critical. Imagine an antibody development pipeline where it is possible to build the central dogma overnight. Join us to learn about how the BioXp® System, the world’s only fully automated benchtop instrument enables numerous synthetic biology workflows by providing a turn-key, end-to-end solution for generating synthetic DNA and mRNA starting from sequence.

In this recorded presentation, learn how you can optimize discovery workflows by:

  • Automating variable region synthesis from sequence
  • Amplifying plasmids to transfection scale (up to 10 μg)
  • Eliminating E. coli preps and colony picking
  • Engineering variant libraries overnight for functional characterization.


Jason Lehmann, PhD

Jason Lehmann, PhD

Senior Product Marketing Manager
Telesis Bio