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Optimization of Metabolic Pathway and Enzyme Engineering

Solutions Through Automation

Discover how automation can speed up metabolic pathway and enzyme engineering, providing faster and more accurate results in the biotech industry.

Metabolic pathway engineering and enzyme engineering have many applications in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. However, the traditional methods of strain engineering can be time-consuming and may limit optimization of strain yield. The design-build-test-learn (DBTL) cycle, which is required to optimize these processes, is lengthy, and human error can negatively impact the results. Addressing challenges in the build phase using automation allows researchers to accelerate the cycle and decrease development costs and time.

In this whitepaper, we present:

  • How automation can help accelerate the DBTL cycle for metabolic pathway and enzyme engineering.
  • The BioXp® system as a solution to the challenges faced by the biotech industry, including time-consuming traditional methods and the risk of human error.
  • Successful case studies that used automation to streamline their metabolic pathway and enzyme engineering workflows.

Download our whitepaper to learn more about how automation can accelerate the design-build-test-learn cycle, providing solutions for the challenges faced by the biotech industry.

Optimization of Metabolic Pathway and Enzyme Engineering

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