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May 15-19, 2023  |  Boston, MA

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Jyotsna Venugopal, PhD.

Automated solutions for overcoming synthesis bottlenecks in CAR-T cell therapy workflows

Tuesday, May 16
Stop by booth # 1126

Jyotsna Venugopal, PhD.
Director, Product Marketing, Telesis Bio

By directly addressing key synthesis bottlenecks in their discovery cycles, researchers can now rapidly evaluate candidate immunotherapy biologics at speeds previously unattainable.

Find out how Telesis Bio’s BioXp® solutions heave enabled:

  • Optimization of CAR generation workflows, and the assembly of optimized CARs.
  • Generation of mRNA for T cell manipulation, enabling rapid candidate screening through transient modulation of cellular phenotypes.
  • Automated overnight synthesis of lead candidates across biologics discovery workflows.

Stop by Booth #1126 to learn more about our mRNA/DNA solutions.

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Sequence in, mRNA out. A new paradigm to accelerate discovery of mRNA vaccines and therapeutics

Current biologics discovery pipelines are challenged by accelerated timelines, cost of R&D, screening and characterization processes as well as by increasingly challenging targets. Addressing difficult target classes in turn, requires screening large pools of lead candidates and highlights the unaddressed throughput bottleneck downstream of lead generation - that is the synthesis and cloning of lead molecules for screening and characterization. This challenge can be further compounded if there is a need for further sequence engineering and optimization. Telesis Bio’s automated BioXp synthetic biology solutions are enabling researchers to streamline workflows and shorten project timelines by delivering overnight synthesis of DNA and mRNA. Here we showcase use of the technology for rapidly synthesizing candidate builds across biologics discovery and mRNA therapeutics workflows."