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Science without constraints: How Cellibre transformed enzyme engineering with Telesis Bio

Case study: See how scientists at an agricultural biotech startup relied on the BioXp® system and the Telesis Bio service team to engineer a key enzyme for higher-quality cannabinoid production.

If your work involves protein or pathway engineering, don’t miss this case study illustrating how scientists at Cellibre significantly accelerated their efforts to engineer a cannabinoid enzyme using the BioXp® system and Telesis Bio’s service team.

“The BioXp® system really speeds up the engineering process and made it possible to test more designs in a shorter amount of time. Engineers usually have to compromise their design, but with Telesis Bio, we can submit any kind of design and get our DNA within a week.”
— Russell Komor, director of biochemistry at Cellibre

In this case study, you’ll learn about:

  • How the automated BioXp® system streamlined their enzyme discovery process
  • How the Telesis Bio service team improved their discovery performance by generating targeted libraries
  • Why it was important for Cellibre scientist to test more complex variant designs, which wouldn’t have been feasible with conventional approaches to DNA synthesis in the required timeframe.

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Case study

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