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Synthetic Biology for Accelerated Vaccine Discovery

Synthetic Biology for Accelerated Vaccine Discovery

Automated synthetic biology workflows enable efficient mRNA-based therapeutic development

Decades of mRNA research and advances in nanotechnology led to mRNA vaccine development and approval during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, realizing the full potential of mRNA-based therapeutics requires optimizing the discovery pipeline. In this webinar brought to you by Telesis Bio, (formerly Codex DNA), Krishna Kannan will discuss how innovations in synthetic biology automation improve the mRNA workflow and accelerate vaccine development.

Topics to be covered

  • Synthesizing mRNA candidates overnight
  • Automating mRNA synthesis for accelerated vaccine design
  • Streamlining the synthetic biology workflow for optimal efficiency and control during mRNA therapeutic development


Krishna Kannan

Krishna Kannan, PhD
Senior Director of Product Development
Telesis Bio

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