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Targeting KRAS mutations in cancer

New mRNA vaccine on the horizon

In this video, Dr. Shen, discusses the application of the BioXp technology that was key to accelerating RNAimmune’s vaccine discovery process for the KRAS vaccine. The presentation is focused on RNAimmune’s cancer vaccine discovery platform and features recent updates from their KRAS cancer vaccine program.

The uniqueness of the RNAimmune vaccine is that it leverages the flexibility and precision of mRNA as a platform to target 90% of KRAS mutations. RNAimmune leveraged the rapid, efficient workflow of the BioXp system to rapidly generate and optimize their candidates for this program.

In addition to the KRAS program updates, in this video you will also learn how the BioXp workflow solutions enabled:

  • Synthesis of DNA and mRNA overnight
  • Rapid screening of lead candidates
  • Iterative optimization of candidate sequences

Dong Shen

Dong Shen
CEO & Founder, RNAimmune

RNAimmune is an innovative biotechnology company in the field of messenger RNA (mRNA) technology with more than 20 years’ expertise in handling and optimizing the versatile molecule for therapeutic use.