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Case Study

Telesis Bio’s automated BioXp® synthetic biology solutions are designed to help you break free from traditional bottlenecks and significantly accelerate your antibody discovery pipeline.

Case Study: Like many other antibody discovery programs, Tavotek felt constrained by the speed of their synthesis and cloning of lead candidates.

By harnessing recent advances in automated synthetic biology from Telesis Bio, they have built a much more efficient lead discovery solution. One that delivers the speed and efficiency truly required in discovery workflows for complex antibody-based drugs and therapeutics.

In this case study you will learn how:

  • Tavotek realized a 66% reduction in lead candidate synthesis timelines compared to previous service provider outsourcing by integrating Telesis Biosciences’ BioXp 3250 system, an automated synthetic biology workstation, into their TavoSelect™ antibody discovery workflow.
  • By taking control of their DNA synthesis timelines with the BioXp system, Tavotek was able to rapidly accelerate the pace of their antibody discovery workflow and now completes hit-to-lead discovery campaigns in just 6 weeks.
  • The BioXp system streamlines antibody discovery workflows by enabling the high-throughput, overnight synthesis of DNA including gene fragments, clones, and variant libraries. Researchers can build constructs securely, in their own lab and on their own schedule
Tavotek Case Study

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