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Todd Nelson, Telesis Bio, CEO, NBC 7 San Diego Interview

February 1, 2022

On Monday, January 24th, NBC 7 San Diego reporter Madison Weil interviewed Telesis Bio’s CEO, Todd Nelson, to discuss our recent early access collaboration and licensing agreement with Pfizer. Under this agreement, Pfizer gains early access to Telesis Bio’s proprietary short oligo ligation assembly (SOLA) EDS technology for Pfizer’s potential use in its research and development of mRNA-based vaccines and biotherapies. Todd took Madison on a tour of our laboratory and demonstrated how our unique technology could help accelerate the way important vaccines are made.

“We make instruments that help people get things done quicker, more accurately, faster and to help get critical drugs and vaccines to the market sooner,” said Nelson.

Todd shared with Madison how the Company’s core technologies were initially developed to help combat a global health crisis like the current COVID-19 pandemic. The longer-term vision for future versions of the Company’s BioXp® system is to utilize de-centralized instrumentation to print vaccines around the world quickly in response to emerging infectious diseases.

NBC 7 - Todd Nelson

Todd discussed with Madison the potential positive impact of our technology in the event of a future pandemic or emergence of new COVID variants. Telesis Bio technology can potentially help the scientific community combat future pandemics faster, by accelerating the timelines for vaccines discovery and production.

Telesis Bio has experienced significant growth since our founding back in 2018. The Company had approximately 165 employees globally as of the end of 2021, with the majority based in the San Diego, California region. Todd expects the company to continue to hire across all areas of the business in 2022 to support future growth.

Click here to see the full NBC 7 San Diego interview.

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