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Event Recap: Built with Biology (formerly SynBioBeta) Hosts the Global Synthetic Biology Conference

April 21, 2022

Built with Biology (Formerly SynBioBeta) hosted its global synthetic biology conference in Oakland, CA last week. The conference brought together synthetic biology’s leading community of innovators, investors, and thought leaders to collaborate in solving our world’s biggest problems through biology. From numerous meetings and presentations, the conference covered the latest insights and technologies in synthetic biology. The Telesis Bio team enjoyed attending this year’s conference. If you missed the event, we’ve got you covered — here’s our take on highlights from the meeting.


BioXp® system in the spotlight

We had the opportunity to have Telesis Bio team members lead a discussion about how the BioXp system has democratized synthetic biology by simplifying the build phase for producing synthetic DNA and mRNA, — accelerating applications and novel high-value workflows. The speakers — including our CEO Todd Nelson and CTO Dan Gibson — delivered a great introduction to our SOLA enzymatic DNA synthesis technology. Dan and Todd shared how scientists can address major challenges associated with producing DNA and mRNA. Limitations include the need for skilled labor, all the way to the use of complex workflows that take time and have multiple dependencies. Automating the process of creating DNA and mRNA with the BioXp system lends itself to producing faster, reproducible, and higher-quality results, getting much closer to the desired endpoint of the discovery process. We’re excited to see our innovative BioXp technology empower the research community to advance scientific discoveries.


Another excellent session was delivered by Cellibre CEO Ben Chiarelli, where he discussed the impressive enzyme engineering work from Cellibre’s researchers enabling the production of pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoids. Utilizing targeted variant DNA libraries, the team at Cellibre leveraged Telesis Bio’s expertise to identify a novel enzyme for cannabinoid production and hone its performance — doing so much faster and more cost-effectively than any other method would have allowed. Cellibre hopes these results will ultimately lead to eliminating the need for agriculture entirely and revolutionizing the way cannabinoid-based medicines are sourced, produced, and consumed.

Synthetic biology technologies are maturing and changing how biological materials are manufactured competitively and sustainably. Businesses can now use synthetic biology to develop new products and processes, improve existing ones, and reduce costs to remain competitive in the future.

We were proud to help sponsor the Built with Biology conference this year and look forward to continuing to partner with the synthetic biology community to enable future discoveries through our automated synthetic biology workflows and services.

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