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Harnessing the Power of Synthetic Biology

September 19, 2022

Introducing the Next Generation Automated Synthetic Biology Workstation


Telesis Bio recently announced the commercial release of the BioXp® 9600 system – a fully automated, high-throughput benchtop platform for synthetic biology workflows designed to empower scientists to accelerate discovery of new vaccines and biologics.

We invite you to learn more about the system and how it is enabling scientists worldwide to harness the power of synthetic biology

The BioXp 9600 system is the third release on the award-winning BioXp® platform which accelerates the design-build-test process of discovery by building biology – overnight and at the push of a button.

Given the empirical nature of the discovery process, inefficiencies in the design-build-test cycle can cause delays and project limitations. The BioXp® system provides over-night, automated synthesis of genes, clones, variant libraries, and mRNA, removing the bottleneck that commonly occurs at the build phase. Thus, empowering researchers to move through the cycle and their discovery efforts more quickly.

The fully automated BioXp system enables scientists to overcome process limitations created by the turnaround time, cost, or complexity of alternative means of building or acquiring DNA and mRNA. Users can then more tightly integrate design and build cycles, driving greater productivity and reducing time to answer.

Our BioXp® 3250 system has empowered researchers worldwide to improve productivity, reduce turnaround time, and have complete workflow control. We believe the BioXp 9600 system will build on that foundation, inspiring and empowering scientists in various discovery activities; from novel infectious disease vaccines to precision immunotherapy for cancer and antibody therapeutics, to engineered sustainable agricultural products.

The BioXp 9600 system expands on the capability of the award-winning BioXp platform, offering greater throughput, performance, and versatility in workflow capability. The state-of-the art automation design combined with proprietary Gibson assembly® and error correction chemistry enables turnkey synthesis, assembly and cloning of up to 96 unique sequences in a single overnight run. With innovative high-throughput sample processing, this system boosts throughput, turnaround time and productivity while maintaining a benchtop footprint, so researchers can eliminate synthesis bottlenecks, retain control of their high-throughput discovery workflows, and advance seamlessly from design to testing in a matter of days.

The transformative power of synthetic biology

Exploring the synthesis of genes, clones, variant libraries, and mRNA has enabled significant insights into human health, disease, and the complex biological systems at work behind the scenes. While the synthetic biology field is relatively young, with the first genome synthesized in 2008, it has made a powerful impact on our understanding of biology. Researchers immediately saw its value in a wide range of applications, leading to widespread and routine application of synthetic biology to discovery workflows.

With advances in sequencing technologies that allowed researchers to quickly access and analyze large amounts of data, there emerged a need to rapidly build synthetic biology to drive broader, faster discovery. Outsourcing DNA and mRNA synthesis by third-party service providers can typically take weeks or months, creating a bottleneck in the discovery process. Generating constructs in the lab involves multi-step manual workflows and requires skilled researchers and dependencies on external service providers as well. These challenges are further amplified when higher throughputs are necessary or when iterative rounds of screening are essential to identify a lead candidate in discovery.

To empower and inspire

Dan Gibson, CTO of Telesis Bio and his scientific team have a legacy of innovation in synthetic biology and put their collective expertise to addressing these challenges. By integrating the industry-standard Gibson assembly method with state-of-the-art automation technology, the team introduced the BioXp System – the world’s first synthetic biology workstation that automates synthesis of fragments, clones, variant libraries and mRNA overnight, and on the benchtop. The platform consolidates complex synthesis workflows in a simple push-button automation system, empowering researchers worldwide to improve productivity, reduce turnaround time, and have complete workflow control.

A new era of synthetic biology — the BioXp 9600 System

The BioXp 9600 System, and its associated Kits were designed to empower researchers to accelerate discoveries, enabling one to go from sequence to endpoint product in days, instead of weeks or months. This next-generation high throughput synthetic biology workstation offers versatility in workflow development and expands experimental possibilities for discovery applications like antibody therapeutics, vaccine development, protein engineering, as well as additional genomic applications in life science and translational research. The BioXp 9600 System offers the throughput, speed and performance to enable researchers to shorten the path from design to test and reducing time to answer.

9600 workflow

These benefits can manifest in significant time and cost savings, as well as efficiencies in productivity, redeployment of labor, broader discovery, and greater schedule and workflow control for the researcher.

Simple, yet powerful technology

The System is enabled by key innovations – Gibson assembly, proprietary error correction technology, and innovative motion control, fluid handling, and thermocycling capabilities – and functions as a “lab in a box”. Automating all the steps required to go from pooled oligos to endpoint DNA or mRNA in a single, overnight run.

The benchtop system does not require any special skill set or knowledge to operate, enabling ease of integration into discovery workflows. It is as simple as loading a consumables kit per instructions and pressing “go,” and the system will inform you when the job is complete, and you can retrieve the endpoint product.

Unlocking the power of printing biology on-demand

Do you ever feel constrained by the limitations of discovery tools today? Are you developing mRNA vaccines and wish you can screen more vaccine candidates in one run? Would you like to address challenges that impact the efficiency of your antibody discovery workflow? Ever wonder if you could be screening candidates faster for precision medicine?

The BioXp 9600 System builds synthetic biology overnight and with industry-leading speed, fidelity, and complexity. Thus, enabling you to tightly integrate your design-build-test cycles, and both accelerate and increase the scope of your discovery efforts. The BioXp System can shorten cycle times, reduce project timelines, and improve productivity.


The BioXp 9600 system is designed to:

  • Accelerate design – build – test cycles
  • Enable greater breadth of design and discovery
  • Provide complete control of IP and proprietary information
  • Optimize discovery processes and workflows, and reduce project timelines

Telesis Bio has empowered scientists around the world to overcome bottlenecks in their workflows and advance the discovery of cutting-edge solutions for health and technology. Our customers, collaborators, and partners include premier academic research institutions, emerging start-ups, and nearly all the Top 25 Biopharma companies.

We hope to have the opportunity to empower and inspire you.

Please contact us today to explore what the BioXp 9600 system can do for you.

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