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Variant library services

Get variant libraries in days instead of weeks.

The speed of your research shouldn’t be limited by the speed of your library services provider. Telesis Bio offers variant library services that are faster, cheaper, and better. Our expert design team will ensure that you get exactly what you need.

Fastest turnaround time

Order arrives in days — not weeks

Telesis Bio provides the fastest library turnaround time in the industry

Save on your libraries

Save on your libraries

More cost-effective than traditional combinatorial and recombinatorial mutagenesis

ESuperior quality

Superior quality

Industry-leading accuracy with documentation showing percentage ratio of amino acid variation at each position

Scanning libraries

Telesis Bio provides a wide variety of scanning libraries with varied single, contiguous amino acid sites, including site-saturation (NNN, NNK) and alanine scanning libraries. Design your own custom libraries or let our expert team guide you.

Quickly identify AA sites that are sensitive to effect

Scanning Libraries

Product specifications

Product format: Linear double-stranded DNA
Output: 96-well plate; 32 variants per plate; 1 position per well
Yield: 200 ng–1 µg per position (length-dependent)
Minimum order: 32 variants
Turnaround time: As few as 5 days from order to shipment

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Combinatorial libraries

Telesis Bio provides a wide variety of combinatorial libraries with varied, multiple non-contiguous amino acids sites using degenerate bases to optimize protein binding and function. Design your own custom libraries or let our expert team guide you.

Identify the optimal combination for the desired effect

Combinatorial libraries

Product specifications

Product format: Linear double-stranded DNA
Output: 96-well plate; 32 variants per plate; 1 library per well
Yield: 200 ng–1 μg per position (length-dependent)
Turnaround time: As few as 5 days from order to shipment

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Targeted libraries

Telesis Bio offers targeted libraries, with specific mutations distributed over the sequence space to achieve the desired diversity. Synthesized with our patented error-correction technology, libraries have the lowest error rate in the industry, at less than 1:10,000 bp. Query target mutations singly or in parallel, with no restrictions on positioning. Design your own custom libraries or let our expert team guide you.

Query multiple amino acid positions simultaneously to evaluate and optimize impact on protein activity quickly and efficiently

Targeted libraries

Product specifications

Product format: Linear double-stranded DNA
Fragment size: 300 bp to 1,800 bp
Output: 96-well plate; 32 sequences per plate; 1 per well
Yield: > 200 ng per library (length-dependent)
Template: Not required
Turnaround time: As few as 5 days from order to shipment

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Want your libraries even faster?

Build DNA variant libraries on demand, in your lab with the BioXp™ system - an automated synthetic biology workstation for building gene fragments, clones, and libraries.

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Science without constraints: How Cellibre transformed enzyme engineering with Telesis Bio

Case study: See how scientists at an agricultural biotech startup relied on the BioXp™ system and the Telesis Bio service team to engineer a key enzyme for higher-quality cannabinoid production.

If your work involves protein or pathway engineering, don’t miss this case study illustrating how scientists at Cellibre significantly accelerated their efforts to engineer a cannabinoid enzyme using the BioXp™ system and Telesis Bio’s service team.

“The BioXp™ system really speeds up the engineering process and made it possible to test more designs in a shorter amount of time. Engineers usually have to compromise their design, but with Telesis Bio, we can submit any kind of design and get our DNA within a week.”
— Russell Komor, Director of biochemistry at Cellibre

In this case study, you’ll learn about:

  • How the automated BioXp™ system streamlined their enzyme discovery process
  • How the Telesis Bio service team improved their discovery performance by generating targeted libraries
  • Why it was important for Cellibre scientist to test more complex variant designs, which wouldn’t have been feasible with conventional approaches to DNA synthesis in the required timeframe.


BioXp™ variant libraries application note

DNA variant libraries are a powerful tool for manipulating protein structure for optimization studies in biologics development, enzyme engineering, and related disciplines. In this application note, we worked with a customer to build high-quality DNA variant libraries with the BioXp™ system, the world’s only full-stack synthetic biology workstation for on-demand DNA assembly and amplification. The customer generated data for two library builds, completing the projects in five days, where using traditional service providers would have taken two weeks to one month — a significant time savings during the design, build, test cycle.


Improvements in target validation rates by automating and streamlining antibody production

Case study: Adopting the BioXp™ system compresses design-build-test cycle times and increases pipeline by 25% for one biopharmaceutical company developing an antibody-based therapeutic

Engineered T cells have been used successfully to treat several leukemias and solid tumors. However, building and screening engineered T cell receptors is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Learn how a biopharmaceutical company transitioned from a traditional method of building expression constructs for chimeric antigen receptors (CAR) to an automated method using the BioXp™ system. The BioXp™ system is the world’s first and only commercially available push-button automated platform for on-demand synthesis of DNA fragments, libraries, and more. The traditional method relied on manual processes for DNA fragment synthesis, cloning, and tracking the reactions. The large number of candidates required for screening made this method prone to human error, cumbersome, and complicated. Adopting the BioXp™ system streamlined the building of expression constructs, eliminating several manual processes from the workflow, and accelerated the identification of lead candidates.


Obtain variant constructs one month faster than using manual cloning

Case study: Generation of streamlined nanobody variant library for vaccine development with the BioXp™ system

Compared to conventional antibodies, nanobodies — or heavy-chain antibodies — lack the usual light chain, and are therefore smaller, making them interesting candidates for biotherapeutic development.


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