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November 17, 2021

Telesis Bio’s mission is to drive innovation and apply breakthroughs in automation solutions for DNA, mRNA, and protein synthesis. These tools enable scientists to “write” biology for the betterment of the world, creating sustainable healthcare and technology solutions for humanity’s most pressing challenges. Here’s a look at how our automated tools translate into solutions for a broad range of applications, including precision medicine, infectious diseases, and drug discovery.

BioXp® system

It has never been easier to build biology in the lab. The award-winning BioXp® 3250 system accelerates the design-build-test phases of the product development cycle by automating high-throughput synthesis of genes, clones, variant libraries, and mRNA. A biopharmaceutical company automated the building of expression constructs for chimeric antigen receptors and increased its pipeline by 25% for an antibody-based therapeutic. Additionally, the Depicker lab at Ghent University harnessed the power of the BioXp to address the use of nanobodies as a novel delivery vehicle for more effective vaccine designs. They teamed up with Telesis Bio’s expert services team to streamline the construction of variants, replacing manual cloning methods that had been slow and labor-intensive. See the full case study here. Learn more about how your lab can benefit from complete workflow control for synthetic DNA and mRNA.

BioXp system

BioXp Biofoundry Services

Customers using our variant library services receive high-quality libraries with accuracy, precision, and scale, in days instead of weeks. Generating libraries with Telesis Bio allows scientists to draw conclusions faster, freeing up their time to focus on other discoveries in the lab. For example, scientists from a biotech company recently partnered with Telesis Bio to engineer a recombinant protein with five times the activity of the wild-type sequence and reduced project timelines to weeks instead of months.

Benchtop Reagents

Telesis Bio empowers scientists with high-quality reagent solutions backed by Gibson Assembly® technology. Gibson Assembly Kits incorporate the most trusted technique for generating high-fidelity DNA. Don’t take our word for it — there are more than 4,400 citations validating the use case for the Gibson Assembly method, and the list keeps growing.

RapidAMP® kits leverage isothermal amplification to assemble and amplify transfection-ready DNA in a simple two-day workflow. Achieve up to 10 µg of high-quality, high-fidelity DNA with RapidAMP™ technology, and skip the tedious tasks associated with transformation, cell culture, and E. coli harvest.

In August, Telesis Bio announced a collaboration with researchers from the University of Florida, UC Riverside, the USDA, Cornell University, and Agrosource to identify scalable therapeutic measures against citrus greening disease. This insect-borne bacterial disease is ravaging the $10 billion citrus industry in Florida, Texas, and California, and left unchecked could destroy the U.S. citrus industry. Our Vmax™ X2 product line will be leveraged as a scalable therapeutic molecule discovery and production platform to enable rapid and cost-effective screening of biomolecules effective against the disease.

Contact the Telesis Bio team today to find out how we can support your lab work with our automation solutions.

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