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Bridging the Throughput Gap: Process Optimization in Antibody Discovery Workflows

Discover how process optimization utilizing automated synthetic biology solutions can remove the antibody sequence cloning bottleneck that divides high-content lead identification and downstream high throughput characterization.

If your work involves antibody discovery or process improvement in recombinant cloning don’t miss this whitepaper illustrating how Telesis Bio’s synthetic biology solutions can accelerate antibody discovery workflows.

In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • How end-to-end time for lead candidate cloning can be reduced from multiple weeks to a few days with synthetic biology solutions from Telesis Bio.
  • How RapidAMP™ technology replaces tedious manual process steps associated with E. coli cloning, transformation, and culture during plasmid production.
  • How the BioXp 3250 system provides hands-free, automated assembly of DNA sequences, cloning, and amplification in a single overnight run.

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