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mRNA synthesis

Automate and accelerate DNA sequence to mRNA

BioXp™ mRNA synthesis kit

The BioXp™ system along with custom-built consumable BioXp™ kits, enable the first push-button, walk-away end-to-end automation solution for the production of synthetic mRNA from DNA sequence.

The mRNA synthesis kit provides all of the reagents required to generate at least 5 microgram of synthetic mRNA overnight on the BioXp™ system. The solution automates the entire workflow including the complex and time-consuming process of synthesizing DNA that serves as the template for the generation of the final synthetic mRNA product.

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Sequence to purified mRNA in days

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Eliminate hands-on workflow steps for mRNA synthesis

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On-demand, automated mRNA synthesis

BioXp™ mRNA synthesis kit

Contains all of the reagents necessary to produce at least 5 micrograms of capped and tailed synthetic mRNA along with the error-corrected gene fragments (DNA template) of upto 1.8 kb in length. Optional choices include the selection of the cap method as well as the inclusion of N1-methyl-pseudouridine or pseudouridine nucleosides for the synthesis of the mRNA.

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Product specifications

Product format: Single-stranded capped and tailed mRNA, and linear double-stranded DNA fragments
Features: 5’ ARCA or CleanCap® AG (3’OMe); poly(A) tail (median 150 As)
Nucleoside modification options:

  • When selecting ARCA: None or Pseudouridine
  • When selecting CleanCap® AG (3’OMe): None or N1-methyl-pseudouridine
Output size: 0.4–1.8 kb per mRNA
Price: Contact us
Order throughput: 1 to 16 samples per run
Configuration: 8 and 16 reactions per run
Yield: Minimum 5 µg per mRNA for CleanCap® AG (3’OMe) modified mRNA and minimum 1 µg per mRNA for 5’ ARCA modified mRNA
System runtime: ~18 hours
Total turnaround time: 5-7 business days from order to shipped kit ( international shipping will vary)
Classification: Research use only


BioXp™ small-scale mRNA synthesis kit

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